Royal visit

Before Crossing the Channel at the end of June 1957, to unveil the Dunkirk memorial. Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother stayed overnight at Saltwood Castle, the residence of Sir Kenneth and Lady Clark.

A Royal visit
The Royal car, a Maroon coloured Daimler, swept into the Castle drive, preceded by a police escort 5.40pm. The Queen Mother, wearing Blue with a White hat, acknowledged the greetings the many hundreds of people lining the roadway with her familiar beckoning wave of the hand. Entry into the Castle grounds was strictly limited by invitation. Members of many local organisations enjoyed the privilege, including Saltwood Women’s Institute, Mother’s Union and Darby and Joan Club and Hythe British Red Cross Society.

Warm welcome
Pupils of Saltwood and Brockhill Schools were there in a body, invitations had also been sent to the 1st and 2nd Companies, Hythe Girl Guides. Many people found the sloping banks of the Castle moat an admirable vantage point to witness the completion of the Queen Mother’s journey, which commenced from Clarence House.
On Saturday morning the Queen Mother left Saltwood for Dover and passed through Cheriton and Folkestone, where many people saw her. At Dover she boarded the destroyer Chieftan to cross to Dunkirk.

Royal letters
Here is some of the corrospdance between Clarence House and
Saltwood Castle outlining the arrangements for the Queen Mothers stay.